Why use me?


I do not have the overheads that the large consultancies have, and so I can provide services at a highly competitive price.


I can offer a higher quality of product than large suppliers could provide using a single consultant across my specialist areas.  The degree of specialism that is inherent within large companies means that more than one consultant would be required to cover my areas of expertise.

In particular, I can offer expertise in both software testing and advice on relationships between testers and auditors. This relationship is a complex area and few people are knowledgeable in both fields. Decisions that have a major impact on the cost and effectiveness of testing are often based on mistaken assumptions about accountability and the audit implications.

I invest in my skills through training, education and attending conferences without the budgetary constraints that can restrict personal development in large companies.

In the last few years I have invested heavily in expanding my knowledge. I have attended many testing and usability conferences and events.It is unlikely that I would have had the chance to do these things if I were still a full time employee.


I can answer directly to my clients, and do not have to make compromises in order to meet the internal targets, processes or regulations that are present in large consultancies.


I can respond to new developments and adapt my service accordingly without being constrained by existing intellectual capital, internal processes and regulations.


I am keen to work with organisations who are based outside the Golden Triangle of south-east England where most technology consultancies concentrate their efforts, and I am therefore more readily available to Scottish based clients, especially those north of the central belt.

I have worked outside the UK in the past, and I would be happy to do so again.