Types of service

  1. Review existing testing practices and processes, and advise how they can be improved.

  2. Advise on how responsible, professional testing can be performed efficiently, effectively and in an accountable manner that will stand up to scrutiny by stakeholders and auditors.

  3. Review existing applications for usability, and existing processes for their ability to deliver hgh quality, usable applications.

  4. Work with organisations to introduce professional software testing practices, or improve them, ensuring that they place due emphasis on usability.

  5. Help companies to introduce usability testing to a mature software testing environment.

  6. Ensure that usability initiatives are practical and effective. "Practical and effective" may seem like a statement of the obvious, but I believe that efforts to introduce usability to software testing have frequently been neither, and that there is therefore a huge need for consultancy services to help close that gap.

  7. Provide companies who use large consultancies for testing services with an independent, expert review of the service they are getting. My sole trader status would mean that I would not be in competition for that testing business, so there would be no conflict of interest. An interesting possibility is to review prospective offshore suppliers of outsourced testing services.

  8. Manage testing projects on short term contracts, bringing my ideas and expertise to the project. In such cases I would not be expecting to change practices unless that were an agreed objective of the assignment.