During my commercial IT career I realised that IT suppliers were frequently failing to provide customers with what they really needed. This belief crystallised whilst taking my Masters course at university when I had the chance to study usability engineering.

My professional opinions and attitudes have also been shaped by my experience is IT audit and information security management which sharpened my thinking about risk, governance and controls. These areas are still poorly understood in IT.

I have clear ideas about what I want to do. I am looking for opportunities that will give me the chance to be creative in developing improved ways of working.

The underlying philosophy of my work can be summed up in these two statements;

  • while structured, professional testing is crucial in producing high-quality software there is a widespread misapprehension that structured and professional means rigid, documentation heavy and compliant with formal testing standards,
  • usability is a fundamentally important, but neglected, attribute when it comes to determining the quality of software.

See Types of Service for a list of the services that I provide. I believe that my skills, experience and self employed status can give me a competitive advantage in the provision of these services, especially to organisations who might consider themselves too small to use the large consultancies. See Why use me?